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Name:Discuss CHM Slash
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to [community profile] discuss_chms! This is a place for members of [community profile] chmslash to search for, request, talk about and recommend CHM fic. The community also contains resources designed to aid checking Top Gear/CHM canon (intended to be used for fic canon-compliancy) and to generally discuss the boys' shows and other endeavours, with an strong emphasis on slashiness. Posts here should be considered off-topic by [community profile] chmslash, but particularly or soley pertinent to the slashers of the show. A much more detailed list of what can and can’t be posted can be viewed (by members) here – please, new members, read this post. This is not a community for posting fic and other fannish creations.

Your friendly moderators are [personal profile] sistersophie and [personal profile] wyvernchick. Do not hesitate to contact them if you feel that you need to. The community has moderated membership; a mod will usually be able to accept your membership request fairly quickly. This community is designed for members of [community profile] chmslash for your membership request to be accepted. If you are a member of [community profile] chmslash, you applied for membership of [community profile] discuss_chms five days ago and your membership request still hasn't been accepted, contact a mod.

Rules are the usual sort of thing: no flaming or spamming; put long posts, pictures or adult content behind a cut (if you don’t know how to do this, go here). Please tag your posts (if you’d like to request a new tag or have any suggestions for the tagging system, contact a mod) and adhere to basic formatting and SPaG standards as well as the community’s general posting guidelines (here).

If you wish to post a question about the show or its presenters, please check obvious resources such as Wikipedia and Final Gear’s episode guide first, and look through previously asked-and-answered questions here at the comm if you can (just click on the appropriate tag).

Finally, feel more than free to contribute to the community's own resources - easily accessible via the list of sidebar links. Alternatively, they're archived in the community memories.

There is a list of willing betas HERE for your use.

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